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Which is more important to be Successful ? Intelligence or Hardwork ?

Let me introduce X, Y, Z to you. A lot of people don't like X,Y, Z names but I find them mysterious.

X is intelligent. He can grasp anything by looking at it just once. He was preparing for an exam. He was serious about it but at the same time he was serious about playing games, eating and sleeping on time too.
Y is a hard worker. He spends a lot of time on studying. Preparation comes before everything else.
Both X and Y have two years to appear for the same exam.
Who do you think performed better?
It's Y. His hard work paid off.
X learnt his lesson now and learns to work hard. ☺

After a few years, X started working.
X and Z happened to be on the same project. Z is a smart worker. He shows off the work of X as his and takes credit for it.
During appraisal, who do you think got promoted?
Z got promoted. I know it sounds unfair but that is how life is.

X learnt a lesson that it is not only about hard work but also smart work.☺

Now meet P. He joins the project with X and Z. He has good work ethics and doesn't steal others work like Z. He works both hard and smart.
Who do you think gets the next promotion?
It's P.
No, it is not just the work ethic. He knows how to market the work he does.☺

Who do you think is the winner in this story ultimately?
It's not Y who just works hard.
It’s not Z who is smart.
It’s not P who knows marketing too.
It's X. He is the only one who has been learning all this while.☺

Neither intelligence nor hardwork alone are sufficient to succeed. The characteristics which you possess and don’t possess right now don't matter at all.

Whether you are willing to learn and how open you are to learning is all what matters.

Keep Learning - Keep Growing with FINANZIL💪

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