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About us


Finanzil is a Young Emerging Online stock advisory & Teaching firm  which let's you learn about Indian Stock Market and various Investments.

Finanzil as a blogging site emphasize to provide keen knowledge through its Contents about Stock Market. We also deal with Finance, Commerce, Marketing and Advertising, Entrepreneurship , Technology Hacks etc. We also, always intends to reach the heart of our readers by providing highly motivational content.

If you are passionate about stock market, finance or commerce then Finanzil is the perfect blog for you. Finanzil is the best platform to get you a jumstart from Ground Zero Level. We also publish eMagazines, eBooks, Podcasts and much more.

As of now, the blog is owned and managed by a single victor who is the sole fighter and visionary behind the great success of this ever-expanding venture.

Vision & Objective

An initiative grabbed with both hands from senior stock advisory professionals to bring forward the major part of Indians who are scared to invest in Indian Equity Market and pretend it as a gamble aware about what equity market is all about, its ups& downs, how to make a livelihood out of it, helping them to learn about stock market from Ground Zero Level.

Point of Tornado 

Tornado of Finanzil is to nullify poverty and make every individual of India financially independent from young age and help them to overcome the financial difficulties of life, thus Creating a Financial Collaboration.

  'Nullify Poverty, Nullify Poor'   💪💪 Thankyou

So Lets meet the sole Soul : 
Founder of Finanzil

Hi Voices,
I am Fazil 18 years Old. I am a So Called ‘Over Confident’ person in the arena. I have passion to motivate others to live life to the fullest. I respect humanity and have my own motto of life. Have done so much crazy things in life and I think reproduction of ideas stick to my genes. Despite all the problems I have and had in life, I want to be remembered as “one of a kind”.
There is no armor against fate but I have the intensity to script my destiny. I work hard and will continue to work to be the victor on the battlefield despite being the victim all the time. 
From birth to Tornado of Finanzil –  It all started with the crazy teenage dream of publishing a magazine somewhat 4years back. ‘COLLAPSED’ is enough to describe the past of my journey to the Sole Soul of finanzil.
As of now, finanzil is everything for me. I am willing to dedicate what it takes to make dreams of finanzil a reality. I believe as they say, “success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”, and that is exactly my journey towards Finanzil.

Tornado of Finanzil is to nullify poverty and make every individual of India financially independent from young age and help them to overcome the financial difficulties of life, thus Creating a Financial Collaboration. No individual in this entire universe should be made to left of their dreams just because they are poor. 'Nullify Poverty, Nullify Poor' . 💪💪

Join the Vision, Accomplish the Mission 😎🏁
It’s easy to beat me but I always have one thing on my backup, ‘beat me once and will teach you twice’ ; 'Good things take time, but they do happen' ☺
What I want to tell to all my followers and readers is that, even if all our heap of winning is taken away in one turn of pitch-and-toss, we should have the courage, determination, dedication, willpower and OVERconfidence to start from the beginning – few can either take it as simple words or be warned Because success is a journey not a destination.
Thankyou 🙂🙂


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